Modules and connectors

Through the years we have developed a ton of small modules and connectors for all kinds of software commissioned by many different companies. We have summed up some projects we were excited about to develop. Many modules were build in an team effort and in request from the companies providing the APIs. In some cases they were also build on request by customers of those software packages.

All the software summed up is developed in PHP in an OOP manner and are fully tested against our hardened and automated testing and deployment procedures.

  • Automatic ING payment import for WHMCS
  • Automatic e-Boekhouden payment import for WHMCS
  • Automatic bunq payment import for WHMCS
  • User firewall manager for DirectAdmin
  • Accounting software sync modules for WHMCS
  • Buckaroo and Mollie recurring gateways for WHMCS
Pay2Wash for Van de Weijer Laundry B.V.

We have developed software to run on any low powered machine with GPIO pins (for example a Raspberry PI), to facilitate communication between machines (wasmachines and dryers) and the backoffice. Different drivers for different machine manufacturers were build to connect a wide variety of laundromats which are deployed all around The Netherlands.

We worked with their own electrical engineer to prototype some electrical circuits, which eventually facilitated the link between the Raspberry PI and the machines.

  • Build using Node.JS
  • Runs on low powered machines
  • Control wasmachines and dryers
  • Combining software with hardware
MetaTracker for MetaMinds

We supported in the development process of Metatracker, a vehicle tracker with route planning functionality. Implemented an server-side mechanism to read and send messages in a binary protocol to trackers.

In this process, we also contributed to showing realtime vehicles driving on a map - using data directly from the trackers when it arrived on the servers, to provide customers with deep insights in their vehicles and agents on the streets.

  • Node.JS and PHP (Laravel)
  • Communicates over 2G
  • Implements car trackers
  • Required data efficient connections
AutomationTask for Sitesmid

In the past the company used a lot of individual PHP scripts, in various states and often failing. AutomationTask brought all these scripts in one, clean, UI providing a rich script run history with deep insights in logs and the script runtime.

The scripts were able to be executed by different sources and were processed in the background, to be able to efficiently schedule certain runs with priority or to facility long running background scripts.

  • CakePHP with latest technologies
  • Google Big Query
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Background job processing